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Chan eil a' mhórchuid dhen roinn seo air a sgrìobhadh fhathast agus is e dìreach toiseach tòiseachaidh a tha seo, ach seo liosta dhe na rudan a bhios ann. Ged nach eil sinn a' dèanamh aoraidh do Dhia Briathrachais Cànanachais, thà sinn a' cleachdadh fhaclan teicnigeach - mura cleachd, bhiodh e duilich mìneachadh gu soilleir na tha sinn an dùil a ràdh. Ach na gabh dragh, gheibh thu mìneachadh dhen a h-uile bhriathar.

There is not much in this section yet as we are just starting out, but this is a list of things that eventually will be found here. This is definitely not a temple to the God of Grammatical Terminology, but we do use both grammar and technical terms because it would otherwise get very difficult to express the things we need to say clearly. But not to worry, you will find detailed explanations of every term used.

Spot the difference with Akerbeltz ...

In line with Blas na Gàidhlig and other resources, we're now using a slightly easier form of the IPA for these pages. No, we haven't dumbed down, there's still the same amount of detail, there are just fewer squiggles. Here's a list of the symbols used which differ from "full" IPA. Everything else is the same.

Full IPA IPA light

On the Importance of Pronunciation and other Forewords

Phonetics or "What sounds does Gaelic have?"

Phonology or "How do these sounds interact?"

Morphology or "How are words put together?"

The Verb System

The Noun System

Adverbs & Demonstratives and other annoying little words


Tense/Aspect or "The concept of time"

Syntax or "How to make a sentence/phrase"

Registers in Gaelic or "Cànan tà leath ri mo chridh"

Dialects and other Stuff

The History of Gaelic

Explanation of Terms and Abbreviations used

Beagan gràmair
Pronunciation - Phonetics - Phonology - Morphology - Tense - Syntax - Corpus - Registers - Dialects - History - Terms and abbreviations