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This list is mainly aimed at new localizers who are confused about which modules one should prioritise for Ubuntu and which should be handled on Launchpad and which you should handle elsewhere. It's work in progress but even at this stage will give you some rough clues about which you should better handle elsewhere (mostly on GNOME).

Key to priorities (Assuming a non-developer user):

  • High: Frequent/Repeated appearance in UI
  • Medium: Occasional appearance in UI
  • Low: Single or very rare appearance in UI

US = Ubuntu Specific

Page 1

Default position (Page/Row) Module name Priority Provides Strings Ubuntu Specific?
P1/01 bootloader high Dialogue for shutdown/booting (most parts are from Debian, some strings are US) 70 US
P1/02 debian-installer low First installation dialogue (only visible once) (most parts are from Debian, some strings are US) 1614 US
P1/03 debian-installer-help (most parts are from Debian, some strings are US) 177 US
P1/04 ubiquity-debconf 239 US
P1/05 ubiquity-desktop 3 US
P1/06 ubiquity-slideshow-oem-config-ubuntu 40 US
P1/07 ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu 40 US
P1/08 unity 115 US
P1/09 unity-greeter 21 US
P1/10 unity-lens-applications 28 US
P1/11 unity-lens-files 55 US
P1/12 unity-lens-music 32 US
P1/13 unity-2d Outdated, most likely will be removed 32 US
P1/14 indicator-datetime 49 US
P1/15 indicator-power 27 US
P1/16 indicator-session 56 US
P1/17 indicator-sound 5 US
P1/18 indicator-messages 17 US
P1/19 language-selector 98 US
P1/20 software-center high General navigation and categories for software center 389 US
P1/21 aptdaemon low Installation and uninstallation of packages 240 US
P1/22 update-manager high Manager for updates 378 US
P1/23 update-notifier high Notification system for updates 61 US
P1/24 evolution-indicator 18 US
P1/25 launchpad-integration 8 US
P1/26 app-install-data 4573 US
P1/27 gnome-control-center-2.0 Unsupported by upstream (outdated) 889 US
P1/28 gnome-codec-install 33 US
P1/29 oneconf 34 US
P1/30 ubuntu-sso-client 37 US
P1/31 ubuntuone-client 27 US
P1/32 ubuntuone-client-gnome 63 US
P1/33 ubuntuone-control-panel 99 US
P1/34 ubuntuone-installer 10 US
P1/35 computerjanitor 65 US
P1/36 friendly-recovery 11 US
P1/37 human-theme 3 US
P1/38 example-content 2 US
P1/39 onboard 186 US
P1/40 jockey 121 US
P1/41 usbcreator 86 US
P1/42 software-properties medium Names and short descriptions of apps in the software center 113 US
P1/43 notify-osd-icons 1 US
P1/44 screen-resolution-extra 9 US
P1/45 apport 159 US
P1/46 apturl 34 US
P1/47 sessioninstaller 101 US
P1/48 failsafexinit 33 US
P1/49 system-service 12 US
P1/50 ecryptfs-utils Translation sync with Ubuntu does not work 2 LP
P1/51 gnome-menus 74 GNOME
P1/52 lightdm Ubuntu is an upstream 46 LP
P1/53 python-apt 115 US
P1/54 yelp 114 GNOME
P1/55 yelp-xsl 41 GNOME
P1/56 gtk-3.0 876 GNOME
P1/57 gtk-3.0-properties 1819 GNOME
P1/58 gwibber Outdated, will be replaced by Friends in Ubuntu 198 LP
P1/59 nautilus high File manager 1126 GNOME
P1/60 xdg-user-dirs 28 TP
P1/61 nm-applet 530 GNOME
P1/62 deja-dup Translation sync with Ubuntu does not work 285 LP
P1/63 gedit 742 GNOME
P1/64 empathy high Messaging application (text, video, sound) 968 GNOME
P1/65 banshee 1520 GNOME
P1/66 tomboy 471 GNOME
P1/67 totem 621 GNOME
P1/68 shotwell 833
P1/69 libwnck 230 US
P1/70 eog 320 GNOME
P1/71 evince 366 GNOME
P1/72 simple-scan medium Translation sync with Ubuntu does not work 123 LP
P1/73 system-config-printer 740 Fedora/RH
P1/74 checkbox 438 US
P1/75 gnome-power-manager 144 GNOME

Beyond Page 1

Beyond Page 1 it gets a bit chaotic. As a rule of thumb, the further away you get from Page 1, the fewer Ubuntu specific modules there are. Here's a rough guide to the other Ubuntu-specific modules.

Default position (Page/Row) Module name Priority Provides Strings Ubuntu Specific?
activity-log-manager US
arkose Sandboxing system US
arkose-gui US
arkose-nautilus US
arkose-wrapper-gui US
bzr low Bazaar version control system US
command-not-found US
desktop-ubuntu-web-shortcuts US
edubuntu-live US
evolution-indicator Dash indicator for the most Outlook-compatible Linux solution, Evolution mail client US
gdebi US
hud low Context help system for launcher US
indicator-me US
indicator-sync US
langpack-installer medium Visible when you install a language pack US
live-build low Live images builder, possibly broken US
live-helper low Live images builder, possibly broken US
ltsp US
ltsp-live Thin client system US
ltsp-login US
ubuntu-debug-installer US
Ubuntu GeoIP US
ubuntu-wallpapers US
ufw US
unattended-upgrades US
unity-firefox-extension US
unity-lens-friends high Replacement for gwibber US
unity-lens-photos US
unity-lens-video US
unity-scope-gdocs US
upstart US
webapps-applications US

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